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BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to determine whether LAPTM4B over-expression is associated with the prognosis and chemotherapy resistance in patients with stages III and IV epithelial ovarian carcinoma, i.e., patients with peritoneal metastasis or lymph node metastasis of epithelial ovarian carcinoma. METHODS LAPTM4B expression was evaluated in(More)
Human tissue factor pathway inhibitor-2 (TFPI-2) has been implicated as a metastasis-associated gene in many types of tumors. In this study, we investigated whether TFPI-2 was inactivated epigenetically in pediatric acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Methylation status was investigated by methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction and bisulfate genomic(More)
The expression vector of shRNA targeted to the rat angiotensin II receptor gene was constructed and the efficacy of siRNAs to modulate the expression of target gene in thein vitro cultured mammalian cells was investigated for antihypertensive therapy in spontaneous hypertensive rat (SHR) at post-transcriptional level. The sense and antisense RNA(More)
AGV systems are now becoming widely used in automatic material handling systems. One of the issues arising in applications is routing. This paper presents a bi-directional path layout and an algorithm for routing AGVs without conflicts. Mathematical relationships among certain key parameters of path and vehicle are derived to minimize the space requirements(More)
Based on the routing algorithm presented in our previous papers [3,4], we propose two scheduling strategies in this report to schedule a large number of AGVs concurrently in a mesh-like path topology. One strategy is pipelined scheduling, the other one is serial scheduling. By comparing both methods, we obtain certain conditions for ensuring a high system(More)
We present an algorithm in [1] to route AGVs in a mesh-like path topology within three phases. The first phase is a vertical exchange of vehicles so that finally for every row each vehicle has a unique destination column ID; the second phase is a horizontal exchange of vehicles which leads to that every vehicle gets to its right destination column; and the(More)
Based on the algorithms which could route AGVs without conflicts in a linear path [1, 2, 7, 10] and in a mesh-like path topology [4, 6], in this report, we propose an realistic scheduling application in a container terminal as a case study in which both routing methods are applied together. A high degree of concurrency is obtained during the procedure of(More)
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Professional managers evaluation is an essential condition for professional managers marketization which provides objective basis and standards for the shape of selection, inspiration and mechanisms of monitoring. Through analyzing the professional managers' actuality, problems and effect factors in our country, based on the Stakeholder Theory, we explored(More)
Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems offer flexibility and automation required by Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS). Previous research on AGV systems mainly focuses on the performance of the task completion time and the AGV utilization in dispatching and routing. However, as energy shortage and pollution to environment become major concerns and the(More)