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The residue behavior of chlorpyrifos, which is one of the extensively used insecticides all around the world, in six vegetable crops was assessed under greenhouse conditions. Each of the vegetables was subjected to a foliar treatment with chlorpyrifos. Two analytical methods were developed using gas chromatography equipped with a micro-ECD detector (LOQ =(More)
A sensitive and enantioselective method was developed and validated for the determination of myclobutanil enantiomers by chiral liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry. The separation and determination were performed using reversed-phase chromatography on a Chiralcel OD-RH column, with ACN-water (70/30, v/v) as the mobile phase under(More)
An analytical method for simultaneously determining the residues of difenoconazole and propiconazole in wheat straw, wheat grain and soil was developed. Mean recoveries and relative standard deviations in all samples ranged 86.2-101.3% and 3.1-12.1% for propiconazole and difenoconazole. The half-lives of difenoconazole and propiconazole were 3.6-5.5days and(More)
The effect of home processing on the residues of spirotetramat and its four metabolites (B-enol, B-glu, B-mono and B-keto) in citrus marmalade is comprehensively investigated in this paper by ultra-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS). A five-fold recommended dose of spirotetramat was applied to citrus fruit under field(More)
A method has been developed for the simultaneous determination of four plant growth regulators (PGRs) residues in soybean sprouts and mung bean sprouts. The sample preparation procedure was based on a QuEChERS method. The method showed excellent linearity (r(2) ≥ 0.9985) and precision (RSDs ≤ 13.0%). Average recoveries of four PGRs ranged between 74.9% and(More)
Thiabendazole in the substrates incurred from spraying and premixing was translocated to the pileus, stipe, and volva of selected mushrooms. The spraying on the substrates resulted in higher residues of thiabendazole in all three mushrooms than the premixing treatment. For premixing, in the five substrates, half-lives of thiabendazole were found to be 13.6(More)
BACKGROUND Meptyldinocap (2,4-DNOPC) is a novel powdery mildew (Erysiphe necator) fungicide which shows protectant and post-infective activities. However, there is no reliable validated LC-MS/MS method for measuring trace levels of meptyldinocap in cucumber. A method for the determination of 2,4-DNOPC using LC-MS/MS in cucumber and soil was developed.(More)
Proper administration of antithrombotic and antiplatelet drugs after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and renal insufficiency is a challenging task. In this study, we utilized Fondaparinux and Tirofiban (either separately or combined) to treat post-PCI patients with ACS and concurrent renal(More)
A Wronskian determinant approach is suggested to study the energy and the wave function for one-dimensional Schrődinger equation. An integral equation and the corresponding Green’s function are constructed. As an example, we employed this approach to study the problem of double-well potential with strong coupling. A series expansion of ground state energy(More)
Many studies have shown the enantioselective transformation of metalaxyl in soil and animals, but little is known about the enantioselective biotransformation of metalaxyl in plants. In this study, a sensitive and convenient chiral liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method was developed for simultaneous measurement of the enantiomers of(More)