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The Internet has made it easier than ever to market products and services across the globe. Most American companies today are so focused on their domestic market that they do not pay any attention to the overseas markets. Nevertheless, e-commerce is global in nature and the international markets represent immense potential. While the United States is(More)
A novel type single-stage inverter is proposed in this paper. Details on operation principle, control strategy and circuit design of the new single-stage inverter are presented below. The single-stage inverter is constituted of two absolutely same bi-directional DC-DC Buck converters which get high frequency electrical isolation. The converters' input and(More)
China has become the largest exporter in the world and tremendously large quantities of explanations have been made by using traditional theories in the area of international division of labor. Since Melitz (2003) developed a dynamic industry model with heterogeneous firms and explained that high-productivity firms self-select themselves into export(More)
By using the data of Chinese manufacturing enterprises between 1999 and 2009, the specialization and diversification of China’s exports are calculated. The relationship between financial development and the specialization of export and diversification of exports were studied by using dynamic panel data. It is found that financial credit development could(More)
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