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A novel polymeric micellar formulation of paclitaxel (PTX) with Pluronic/poly(caprolactone) (P105/ PCL50) has been developed with the purpose of improving in vitro release and in vivo circulating time of PTX in comparison to the current Taxol injection. This study was designed to investigate the preparation, in vitro release, in vivo pharmacokinetics and(More)
In electroencephalography (EEG)-based emotion recognition systems, the distribution between the training samples and the testing samples may be mismatched if they are sampled from different experimental sessions or subjects because of user fatigue, different electrode placements, varying impedances, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to directly classify the(More)
Women's health is seriously threatened by breast cancer. Taking advantage of efficient diagnostic instruments to identify the disease is very meaningful in prolonging life. As a cheap noninvasive radiation-free technology, Near-infrared Spectroscopy is suitable for general breast cancer examination. A discrimination method of breast cancer is presented(More)
The empirical risk minimization methods were often used to estimate the multifunctional sensor regression function in signal reconstruction. The small size of sample data would lead to the problem of poor generalization capability and overfitting. Support vector machine (SVM) is a novel machine learning method based on structural risk minimization, and it(More)
When insulation fault occurs in the ignition coil partial secondary winding discharges. Random pulses with various amplitudes appear in primary current and secondary voltage waveforms simultaneously. Moreover the secondary voltage may distort if the fault is serious. Traditional methods are difficult to identify the discharge pulses. This paper examines a(More)
Electroencephalography (EEG)-based emotion recognition is an important element in psychiatric health diagnosis for patients. However, the underlying EEG sensor signals are always non-stationary if they are sampled from different experimental sessions or subjects. This results in the deterioration of the classification performance. Domain adaptation methods(More)
A mutant library of subtilisin E containing random combinations of various mutagenized sites was constructed by one-round mutagenesis with 15 mutagenic oligonucleotides. Mutants were screened through dot blot hybridization and DNA sequencing. A single-point mutant (Met 222Ala) and a three-point (Asn 76Asp/Asn109Ser/ I le 205/Cys) mutant gene from the(More)
Accurately measuring the oil content and salt content of crude oil is very important for both estimating oil reserves and predicting the lifetime of an oil well. There are some problems with the current methods such as high cost, low precision, and difficulties in operation. To solve these problems, we present a multifunctional sensor, which applies,(More)
In this study, we address the problem of noisy image super-resolution. Noisy low resolution (LR) image is always obtained in applications, while most of the existing algorithms assume that the LR image is noise-free. As to this situation, we present an algorithm for noisy image super-resolution which can achieve simultaneously image super-resolution and(More)
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