Qisheng Wang

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Considerable efforts have been devoted to enhancing the photocatalytic activity and solar energy utilization of photocatalysts. The fabrication of type II heterostructures plays an important role in photocatalysts modification and has been extensively studied. In this review, we briefly trace the application of type II heterostructured semiconductors in the(More)
As an emerging class of new materials, two-dimensional (2D) non-graphene materials, including layered and non-layered, and their heterostructures are currently attracting increasing interest due to their promising applications in electronics, optoelectronics and clean energy. In contrast to traditional semiconductors, such as Si, Ge and III-V group(More)
Yueju, a Traditional Chinese Medicine formula, exhibited fast-onset antidepressant responses similar to ketamine. This study focused on assessing the rapid and persistent antidepressant efficacy of Yueju and ketamine in chronically stressed mice and its association with alternations in prefrontal N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor and mammalian target of(More)
P-n junctions based on vertically stacked van der Waals (vdW) materials have attracted a great deal of attention and may open up unforeseen opportunities in electronics and optoelectronics. However, due to the lack of intrinsic p-type vdW materials, most previous studies generally adopted electrical gating, special electrode contacts, or chemical doping(More)
X-ray diffraction is a common technique for determining crystal structures. The average time needed for the solution of a protein structure has been drastically reduced by a number of recent experimental and theoretical developments. Since high-throughput protein crystallography benefits from full automation of all steps that are carried out on a(More)
SnTe has attracted worldwide interest since its theoretical predication as topological crystalline insulator. Because of promising applications of one-dimensional topological insulator in nanoscale electronics and spintronics device, it is very important to realize the observation of topological surface states in one-dimensional SnTe. In this work, for the(More)
To address the urgent need for clean and sustainable energy, the rapid development of hydrogen-based technologies has started to revolutionize the use of earth-abundant noble-metal-free catalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). Like the active sites of hydrogenases, the cation sites of pyrite-type transition-metal dichalcogenides have been(More)
We report a high-performance field-effect transistor (FET) and phototransistor based on back-gated multilayer GaTe nanosheets. Through both electrical transport measurements at variable temperatures and first-principles calculations, we find Ga ion vacancy is the critical factor that causes high off-state current, low on/off ratio, and large hysteresis of(More)
Layered chalcogenide materials (LCMs) are emerging materials in recent years for their great potential in applications of electronics and optoelectronics. As a member of LCMs, SnSe2, an n-type semiconductor with a band gap of ∼1.0 eV, is of great value to explore. In this paper, we develop a facile CVD method, for the first time, to synthesize diverse(More)
Owing to the excellent potential for fundamental research and technical applications in optoelectronic devices and catalytic activity for hydrogen evolution reaction (HER), transition metal dichalcogenides have recently attracted much attention. Transition metal sulfide nanostructures have been reported and demonstrated promising application in transistors(More)