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This paper presents a system framework taking the advantages of the WSN for the real-time monitoring on the water quality in aquaculture. We design the structure of the wireless sensor network to collect and continuously transmit data to the monitoring software. Then we accomplish the configuration model in the software that enhances the reuse and facility(More)
Abstract. Turbidity sensor for water treatment applications are based on scattered light measurement. The electrooptical characteristic of light emitter and detector has a close relationship with the environmental temperature. Fluctuations in water temperature can potentially affect electronic components and cause output signal errors in turbidity sensor.(More)
Sparse representation is a powerful tool in signal denoising, and visual evoked potentials (VEPs) have been proven to have strong sparsity over an appropriate dictionary. Inspired by this idea, we present in this paper a novel sparse representation-based approach to solving the VEP extraction problem. The extraction process is performed in three stages.(More)
—Aquaculture is the fastest growing food-producing sector in the World, especially, in P. R. China. In the ongoing process of Internet growth, a new development is on its way, namely the evolution from a network of interconnected computers to a network of interconnected objects that is called the Internet of Things (IoT). Constructing an affordable,(More)
Because of the rapid development of aquaculture in China at present, it is more and more urgent to apply hi-tech devices in aquaculture field to guarantee its efficiency. There are already many devices used for monitoring water quality have been developed. However, many of them are only in a step of academic research or too expensive to apply to practices.(More)
Abstract. Automatic monitoring and controlling system is essential for improvement of aquaculture industry. This paper presents an intelligent PH sensor that applied to water quality monitoring. It involved signal processing, self-calibration. Using low power and high performance microcontroller MSP430F149, Smart Transducer Interface Module (STIM) based on(More)
Abstract. Based on the problems caused by current automatic irrigation system with a large number of cables, such as installation, maintenance, and difficult expansion, this paper proposed a wireless integrated irrigation control system and developed a wireless intelligent valve controller which can satisfy the requirements for agricultural irrigation in(More)
Conductivity is regard as a key technical parameter in modern intensive fish farming management. The water conductivity sensors are sophisticated devices used in the aquaculture monitoring field to understand the effects of climate changes on fish ponds. In this paper a new four-electrode smart sensor is proposed for water conductivity measurements of(More)
An intelligent conductivity meter based on MSP430F149 microcontroller was proposed in this paper. The intelligent conductive meter was composed by MSP430F149 microcontroller and its peripheral circuits, bipolar pulse excitation circuit and waveform transform circuit. The MSP430F149 was chosen to control the generation of bipolar pulse excitation signal and(More)