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Volume up scaling enlarges the size of a volume to make feature analysis more accurate and efficient. Linear interpolation, widely used in volume up scaling, result in jagged artifacts around features and losses of high-frequency components. Based on the example-based up scaling framework, this paper presents a new high-quality volume up scaling technique,(More)
The cylindrical permanent magnet is the core part of the permanent-magnet seed-metering device, it can absorb single magnetic powder coated seed. The first, the magnetic induction intensity model of any point in the cylindrical permanent magnet external was established based on the equivalent current model of permanent magnet. The second, the mathematical(More)
In this paper, a new integrated design method-the Convex Integrated Design (CID) method, is introduced and applied to the design of a semi-active susp'ension system. The closed-loop system is required to simultaneously satisfy four closed-loop performance specifications: car body acceleration, suspension deflection, tire dynamic load and control effort(More)
In order to improve Multi-polar magnetic structure's efficiency. Ansoft Maxwell of electromagnetic field finite element software is utilized to study the effect of different polarity arrangement of magnetic seeding element on the magnetic induction intensity of seeding element end and magnetic field distribution in the seeding air gap. As a result of the(More)
Over the past decade, yeast display technology has emerged as a powerful tool for the isolation of high-affinity immunoglobulin fragments with potential utility as clinical diagnostic and therapeutic reagents. Despite significant refinement of the various methodologies underpinning library construction and selections, certain aspects remain challenging and(More)
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