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This letter presents a new scheme to realize multicast operation in a wavelength-routed optical packet switch by adding multicast modules. The proposed multicasting scheme is based on multitimeslot multiwavelength conversion in conjunction with wavelength selection to resolve the problem of output contention.
In this paper, we propose a wavelength-routed multicast packet switch using a set of fiber delay lines as a shared buffer for both unicast and multicast packets. To avoid multicast packet contention, a multicast packet could be replicated in multiple timeslots by means of multi-wavelength conversion in conjunction with the shared-FDL buffer. Moreover, a(More)
This paper presents a multiwavelength multicast packet switch and studies its multicast traffic performance analytically and by simulation. The switch employs the broadcast-and-select architecture to realize packet multicasting and enables multiple optical packets to be concurrently transmitted to the same output fiber of the switch. By means of a(More)
An automated remote sensing image classification method combining FCM(Fuzzy c-Means) clustering algorithm with SVMs(Support Vector Machines) is proposed. The proposed new method aims to resolve the problem that training samples need to be chosen manually when used supervised classification method such as SVM, and compared with unsupervised classification(More)
This letter demonstrates a novel coding technique to accurately detect the faulty branch in time-division-multiplexing passive optical network (TDM-PON) infrastructure. The notion relies on encoding the probe signal with a novel composite structure coding technique to achieve the advantages of improved signal-to-noise ratio and resolution, reduced(More)
We review different solutions for realizing large-port-count optical crossconnects (OXCs) for data centers and examine the impact of switch reconfiguration time on the throughput performance of these switches. In addition, we highlight the recent research progress on the wavelength-assisted routing technique for constructing large port-count OXCs.
Optical packet switch with multicast capability enables a broad range of applications in next generation optical networks. In this paper, we propose a cost-effective scheme to enhance the traffic performance of our earlier reported optical wavelength-routed multicast packet switch by modifying rather than adding multicast modules in the switch. A packet(More)
We recently proposed a multicast-enabled optical packet switch architecture utilizing multicast modules. In this paper, we evaluate the traffic performance of our earlier proposed packet switch under a hybrid traffic model through simulations. The multicast packets are given higher priority than unicast packets so that only a small number of multicast(More)
This letter proposes a simple and flexible reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) based on parallel-stage configuration using Mach-Zehnder-based fiber gratings, 1times2 optical switches, and Y-model combiners. The proposed ROADM with four-stage parallel configuration is designed and experimentally investigated to show its performance in full(More)
Load balancing is an attractive technique to achieve maximum throughput and optimal resource utilization in large-scale switching systems. However current electronic load-balanced switches suffer from severe problems in implementation cost, power consumption and scaling. To overcome these problems, in this paper we propose a single-stage optical(More)