Qirong Wen

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BACKGROUND Metastasis associated in lung adenocarcinoma transcript-1 (MALAT-1) is overexpressed during cancer progression and promotes cell migration and invasion in many solid tumors. However, its role in ovarian cancer remains poorly understood. METHODS Expressions of MALAT-1 were detected in 37 normal ovarian tissues and 45 ovarian cancer tissues by(More)
BACKGROUND Ovarian carcinoma is one of the most aggressive gynecological malignant neoplasms and makes up 25-30% of all cancer cases of the female genital tract. Currently, resistance to traditional chemotherapy is a great challenge for patients with Epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC). Therefore, identifying novel agents for EOC treatment is essential and(More)
OBJECTIVES The aims of this study were to investigate the functions of GAS5 as a tumor suppressor in cervical cancer and explore the mechanism. METHODS The expression of GAS5 and microRNA 21 (miR-21) was detected in primary cervical cancer tissue specimens, as well as in cervical cancer cell lines. We identified the interaction of GAS5 and miR-21 by(More)
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