Qiqing Yu

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Interval-censored (IC) failure time data often occur in follow-up studies where subjects can only be followed periodically and the failure time can only be known to lie in an interval. In this paper we propose a modified log-rank test for the problem of comparing two or more IC samples. Our log-rank statistic and covariance matrix are calculated by a(More)
The self-consistent estimator is commonly used for estimating a survival function with interval-censored data. Recent studies on interval censoring have focused on case 2 interval censoring, which does not involve exact observations, and double censoring, which involves only exact, right-censored or left-censored observations. In this paper, we consider an(More)
  • Qiqing Yu, Anton Schick, Linxiong Li, George Y C Wong
  • 1997
We consider the case 1 interval censorship model in which the survival time has an arbitrary distribution function F 0 and the inspection time has a discrete distribution function G. In such a model one is only able to observe the inspection time and whether the value of the survival time lies before or after the inspection time. We prove the strong(More)
  • Qiqing Yu, Anton Schick, Linxiong Li, George Y C Wong
  • 1996
In case 2 interval censoring the random survival time X of interest is not directly observable, but only known to have occurred before Y , between Y and Z, or after Z, where (Y; Z) is a pair of observable inspection times such that Y < Z. We consider the large sample properties of the generalized maximum likelihood estimator (GMLE) of the distribution(More)
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