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Osteology of Huabeisaurus allocotus (Sauropoda: Titanosauriformes) from the Upper Cretaceous of China
Background The Late Cretaceous titanosauriform sauropod Huabeisaurus allocotus Pang and Cheng is known from teeth and much of the postcranial skeleton. Its completeness makes it an important taxonExpand
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On Kunlun-Yellow River tectonic movement
In the Kunlun Mountains Pass area, all the landform, structure, sedimentary facies and assembladge of organisms show that a violent tectonic movement occurred between 1.1-0.7 MaB. P. The movementExpand
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Quaternary geomorphological evolution of the Kunlun Pass area and uplift of the Qinghai-Xizang (Tibet) Plateau
Abstract There is a set of Late Cenozoic sediments in the Kunlun Pass area, Tibetan Plateau, China. Paleomagnetic, ESR and TL dating suggest that they date from the Late Pliocene to the EarlyExpand
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Holocene East Asian monsoon variation inferred from species assemblage and shell chemistry of the ostracodes from Hulun Lake, Inner Mongolia
Abstract A sediment core from Hulun Lake, Inner Mongolia was analyzed for species assemblages and shell chemistry of ostracodes to investigate changes in the hydrology and climate of the East AsianExpand
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Similar distribution pattern of different phenotypes of Limnocythere inopinata (Baird) in a brackish-water lake in Inner Mongolia
It has been recognized long ago that Limnocythere inopinata is a widely distributed ostracod and comprises various phenotypes. The taxonomy of the different phenotypes and their ecologicalExpand
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Spatial heterogeneity of the population age structure of the ostracode Limnocythere inopinata in Hulun Lake, Inner Mongolia and its implications
Most existing studies of lacustrine ostracodes have been focused on species composition, and little attention has been paid to population structure. In this study, 39 surface-sediment samples fromExpand
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Differential transport and preservation of the instars of Limnocythere inopinata (Crustacea, Ostracoda) in three large brackish lakes in northern China
Population age structure, preservation, and carapace abundance of the valve remains of Limnocythere inopinata in 88 surface-sediment samples from Lakes Daihai, Dali, and Hulun were examined to betterExpand
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Sequence stratigraphy of Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary strata in Luanping, Northern Hebei, China
A sediment-continuous section of Jurassic-Cretaceous (J-K) boundary strata was found in Zhangjiagou of Luanping, northern Hebei Province, China. The boundary strata were systematically divided into 5Expand
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