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OBJECTIVES To investigate the incidence rates of candidemia in hospitalized patients and to identify differences in risk factors of patients with Candida albicans and non-C. albicans and with Candida guilliermondii and non-C. guilliermondii candidemia. METHODS Non-immunosuppressed, non-neutropenic inpatients with candidemia diagnosed after admission were(More)
The design, synthesis, and in vitro microbiological analysis of an array of forty covalently linked vancomycin dimers are reported. This work was undertaken to systematically probe the impact of linkage orientation and linker length on biological activity against susceptible and drug-resistant Gram-positive pathogens. To prepare the array, monomeric(More)
This study aimed to use ictal high-frequency oscillations (HFOs) ranging from 80Hz to 500Hz to locate seizure onset zones in childhood absence epilepsy (CAE) using non-invasive magnetoencephalography (MEG). Ten drug-naïve children with CAE were studied using a 275-channel MEG system. MEG data were digitized at a sampling rate of 6000Hz. HFO spectral power(More)
OBJECTIVE This study quantified the clinical correlation of interictal and ictal neuromagnetic activities from low- to very-high-frequency ranges in childhood absence epilepsy (CAE). METHODS Twelve patients with clinically diagnosed drug-naïve CAE were studied using a 275-channel whole-head magnetoencephalography (MEG) system. MEG data were digitized at(More)
BACKGROUND Neutrophil CD64 has been shown to be a promising biomarker for bacterial infection and sepsis identification. However, the prognostic value of CD64 in predicting the likelihood of survival for patients in intensive care unit (ICU) is unclear. METHODS A total of 797 patients in the ICU of Xin-Hua Hospital, Shanghai, China were enrolled. We(More)
Recent advances in migraine research have shown that the cerebral cortex serves a primary role in the pathogenesis of migraine. Since aberrant brain activity in migraine can be noninvasively detected with magnetoencephalography (MEG), The object of this study was to investigate the resting state cortical activity differences between migraineurs and controls(More)
PURPOSE The present study aims to determine the initialization and propagation of typical absence seizures using magnetoencephalography (MEG). METHOD Fourteen drug-naïve children with childhood absence epilepsy (CAE) were studied using a 275-Channel MEG system. The spectral signatures of epileptic activity were assessed using Morlet continuous wavelet(More)
PURPOSE This study was undertaken to test the hypothesis that patients with epilepsy have abnormal imaginary coherence compared with control subjects. METHODS Thirty patients with seizures underwent magnetoencephalography (MEG) recording using a whole cortex MEG system. Conventional equivalent current dipoles (ECDs) and synthetic aperture magnetometry(More)
In order to solve the problem of resources sharing from different servers on the Internet or Intranet, a distributed resources sharing platform based on HBWSP and XML has bean designed and implemented in this paper. Developed in Java programming language with XML as its way of resources organization, this platform has implemented dynamic communication among(More)
Agricultural risk, especially the risk assessment, partition and economic loss estimation of specific and main crops, maize, wheat and rice, is widely touted in China as a means of improving the effective productivity. The main objective of this article is to perform a detailed analysis of the stability and comparative advantage of rice production in 30(More)