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The construction industry in general is characterized with high fragmentation, low productivity, cost and time overruns, and conflicts compared with other manufacturing industries. Supply chain management as an innovative management mode provides a new solution for resolving these problems from systems perspective. Coordination is the core issue to improve(More)
This research designs a multi-agent based multi-attribute negotiation framework for large-scale construction projecs (LCP) supply chain coordination (SCC) through adopting the agent technology and regarding supply chain as a typical multi-agent system. Since different members in the supply chain have different preferences on the decision attributes (such as(More)
A group decision support system (GDSS) can be helpful to VM users overcome difficulties in value management (VM) workshops. A web-based GDSS known as interactive value management system (IVMS) is introduced in this paper. A comparative experimental study is undertaken to investigate the extent to which the use of IVMS can improve the performance of VM(More)
Public–Private Partnership (PPP) in construction is gaining in popularity. Although papers published in major journals have documented real cases of PPP projects, there appears to be a lack of systematically summarizing what they have already provided. Consequently, this paper reviewed PPP studies published in the six top journals in the construction field.(More)
The briefing stage is of utmost importance to public private partnership (PPP) projects as it conveys the major message regarding what stakeholders need. However, stakeholders' needs are not often stated clearly at the briefing stage. In considering this, the current paper aimed at analyzing the key stakeholders' needs that should be known by project(More)