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One of challenges in GIS Web service is mass GIS data storage and processing. This paper proposes a distributed cached storage solution, as the mixture of Mongo DB storage and Memcached cache, for GIS Web service. This cached storage solution tends to solve three obstacles: the mismatch between the frequent requirement of concurrent tasks for accessing data(More)
In this paper, two audio scrambling algorithms, which are efficient and can be used to scramble audio sequence independently, are presented first. Then, a new method which combines the two algorithms together using one more parameter is proposed. Compared with the former two methods, the new method has stronger anti-decryption capability. Experimental(More)
Greedy Equivalent Search (GES) is an effective algorithm for Bayesian network problem, which searches in the space of graph equivalence classes. However, original GES may easily fall into local optimization trap because of empty initial structure. In this paper, An improved GES method is prosposed. It firstly makes a draft of the real network, based on(More)
To facilitate the automation process in the Internet of Things, the research issue of distinguishing prospective services out of many “similar” services, and identifying needed services w.r.t the criteria of Quality of Service (QoS), becomes very important. To address this aim, we propose heuristic optimization, as a robust and efficient approach for(More)