Qiongqin Jiang

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This paper expounds three kinds of grey neural network combined model for short-term prediction of urban traffic speed, and confirms their validity and feasibility by conducting experiment in Beijing road of Jingzhou. Three kinds of networks are parallel grey neural network, series grey neural network, and inlaid grey neural network. The experiment proves(More)
The wireless sensor network is a new kind of wireless Ad hoc network and highly applications prospects. The efficient routing protocol is the focus of researching. Now we request the sensor network more and more strictly demand with the deepening research and application. However, the congestion will make decrease performance of network quickly with the(More)
The article analyzes the advantage and disadvantage of part lacking fidelity searching algorithm, based on early ending technology thought. Given the disadvantage of the partial distortion search (PDS) algorithm, it brings up one kind of improved method which is similar to it. The improved algorithm also calculates sum of absolute difference (SAD) once(More)
With the mature technologies and products, the next generation network has been more and more concerned in China. Chinese main telecom operators are beginning to associate test or structural network in order to expand their market. The article advances a new theory to solve the failure of the current communication networks that is the implementation of the(More)
Using the GPS-induing-time function to achieve synchronously on or off of pharoses is a safeguard to indicate ships running in the inland river waterway runs safely, and which have been making important functions for the inland river waterway navigation safely. Designing and fixing the pharoses, make them synchronously on or off, can offer clearer flash(More)
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