Qiong Tong

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Individual posttranslational modifications (PTMs) of p53 mediate diverse p53-dependent responses; however, much less is known about the combinatorial action of adjacent modifications. Here, we describe crosstalk between the early DNA damage response mark p53K382me2 and the surrounding PTMs that modulate binding of p53 cofactors, including 53BP1 and p300.(More)
Thin and ultrathin crystalline polymer films are of funda mental scientific as well as practical interest concerning their structures and properties. [1 6] For the preparation of ultrathin (0.1 mm) films the polymer is applied to the substrate in a non ordered state, usually as a dilute solution in an organic solvent. To overcome the intra and(More)
was a special pleasure for me working in this group. I would like to give my special thanks to him for his insightful view on the subject, many enthusiastic and instructive discussions and his motivation throughout this work. Special thanks are also for his constructive comments and corrections during writing this thesis.
Melting and crystallization are reported as a means for reversible switching of nanoscale containers. Aqueous dispersions of 10 nm particles of polyethylene with variable branching and crystallinity were prepared by catalytic polymerization with water-soluble Ni(II) complexes. Fluorescence studies of lipophilic probe molecules show that in the(More)
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