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Authority generally relates to expertise, recognition of official status of a source, and the reputation of the author and publisher. As the Internet has become a ubiquitous tool in modern science and scholarly research, evaluating the authority of free online scholarly information is becoming crucial. However, few empirical studies have focused on this(More)
The quality and credibility of Internet resources has been a concern in scholarly communication. This paper reports a quantitative analysis of the use of Internet resources in journal articles and addresses the concerns for the use of Internet resources scholarly journals articles. We collected the references listed in 35,698 articles from 14 journals(More)
In this paper, the plant modeling as well as the theoretical analysis and design and simulation of a closed-loop control system for the power consumption of a hand-held multimedia embedded device are presented. This is a first validation step for a target system in which the power consumption will be regulated based on estimation feedback. Prior to the(More)
This paper is concerned with the finite element method for nonlinear Hamiltonian systems from three aspects: conservation of energy, symplicity, and the global error. To study the symplecticity of the finite element methods, we use an analytical method rather than the commonly used algebraic method. We prove optimal order of convergence at the nodes tn for(More)
Based on the status quo and the devolvement of domestic and international database legislations, this paper discusses the issues in current database protection and its future perspective. It also emphasizes the need for public access to database resources, and proposes the legal protection for database return to the principle of copyright protection.
Current 3/4G multi-system of indoor coverage problems can only rely on the field test to locate specific problems, which requires a lot of manpower and resources, heavy workload and time. The 3/4G multi-system of indoor coverage problem localization method is based on B1 algorithm location method of LTE interoperation system. Through this means, we(More)