Qiong Ran

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—A new hyperspectral unmixing algorithm is proposed based on the normal compositional model (NCM) to estimate the endmembers and abundance parameters jointly in this paper. The NCM considers the hyperspectral imaging as a stochastic process and interprets each pixel value as a random vector, which is linearly mixed by the endmembers. More precisely, these(More)
—Recently, representation-based classifiers have gained increasing interest in hyperspectral image (HSI) classification. In this letter, based on our previously developed joint collaborative representation (JCR) classifier, an improved version, which is called weighted JCR (WJCR) classifier, is proposed. JCR adopts the same weights when extracting spatial(More)
Luminance and contrast of satellite images are largely determined by exposure status of the onboard camera. Only with appropriate exposure level can the output Digital Numbers(DN) be contained within the dynamic range of the camera and be distributed as evenly as possible, thus acquiring images can retain the most information details. With a higher exposure(More)
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