Qinyu Liu

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Seasonal and intraseasonal variability of thermo-cline and relative surface height in the central South China Sea (SCS) are investigated using time series data of temperature from three buoys and sea surface height anomaly data from TOPEX/POSEIDON and ERS-1/ERS-2 satellites (T/P-ERS) from Feb. 1998 through Mar. 1999. We found that the thermocline becomes(More)
While modelling studies suggest that mesoscale eddies strengthen the subduction of mode waters, this eddy effect has never been observed in the field. Here we report results from a field campaign from March 2014 that captured the eddy effects on mode-water subduction south of the Kuroshio Extension east of Japan. The experiment deployed 17 Argo floats in an(More)
Catheter-related infection makes up a large part of hospital infection and contributes 80% to all nosocomial urological infection, costing hundreds of millions dollar per year for treatment. Biodegradable hydrophilic material incorporating antibiotic substance is a promising way to prevent catheter-related infection. And antimicrobial peptide seems an(More)
Berberine (BBR), one of the major constituents of Chinese herb Rhizoma coptidis, has been reported to exert beneficial effects to various diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In the present work, we aimed to investigate the effects of BBR on neuronal cell death induced by homocysteic acid (HCA), which was considered as a risk of AD. BBR(More)
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