Qinyan Zhao

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Statins and coenzyme Q10 are both used as adjuncts in the treatment of chronic heart failure (CHF) due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, respectively. And both have been variously shown to improve cardiac function in patients with CHF. The two agents interact in two ways; statins inhibit coenzyme Q10 synthesis through inhibition of HMG-CoA(More)
Abstract: Shear deformation is the most principal deformation in the lateral deformation of shear wall built with precast hollow slab which is designed to be strong shearing and weak bending. The special mechanical characteristic of the shear wall is the relative deformation of the concrete on both sides of vertical and inner joint respectively. The study(More)
Assembled shear wall built with precast two-way hollow slab is a new-typed shear wall built with precast concrete. In order to study its mechanical property, a quasi-static experiment is conducted with 1 reinforced concrete shear wall and 2 new type shear walls as the study objects. It was found that the internal and vertical joints of the wall body were(More)
To study mechanical behaviors of shear walls built with precast two-way hollow slabs, two shear walls with different details of hollow slabs were quasi-statically tested under low cyclic loading. The failure mode was analyzed, which vertical macro-cracks appeared on walls due to the details of hollow slabs. Brittle shear failure can be avoided in terms of(More)
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