Qinqing Shi

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Hyperspectral remote sensing data offer unique opportunities for the characterization of the land surface and atmosphere in the spectral domain. However, few studies have been conducted to estimate albedo from such hyperspectral data. In this study, we propose a novel approach to estimate surface shortwave albedo from data provided by the Airborne Visible(More)
Surface shortwave net radiation (SSNR) is a key component of the surface radiation budget. In this paper, we refined a direct estimation approach to retrieve daily SSNR estimates from combined Terra and Aqua Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) data. The retrieved MODIS SSNR estimates were validated against measurements at seven stations of(More)
Indirect-branch prediction is becoming more important for modern processors as more programs are written in object-oriented languages. Previous hardware-based indirect-branch predictors generally require significant hardware storage or use aggressive algorithms which make the processor front-end more complex. In this paper, we propose a fast and(More)
Predicting indirect-branch targets has become a performance bottleneck for many applications. Previous high-performance indirect-branch predictors usually require significant hardware storage or additional compiler support, which increases the complexity of the processor front-end or the compilers. This paper proposes a complexity-effective indirect-branch(More)
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