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Memory leak has been exposed to be one of the most serious bugs which are hard to locate and fix in computer program. This paper describes three methods of detecting memory leaks in Solaris when programmers do applications. Using dbx can get specific lines of source codes where memory leak occurs and memory leak sizes. MDB and DTrace can inform the users(More)
Deadlock occurs randomly and is difficult to detect, it always has a negative impact on the effective execution of operating system. This paper uses the principle of adjacency matrix, path matrix and strongly-connected component of simple directed graph in graph theory, gives a model of detecting deadlock by exploring strongly-connected component from(More)
In this paper, we describe the formatting guidelines for IJCA Journal Submission. Software Aging is a phenomenon in which the state of a software system degrades with time and eventually results in software failures. The main causes of software aging are depletion of system resources, data corruption, numerical error accumulation etc. which may eventually(More)
As the development of Solaris operating system, developing graphical user interface (GUI) applications on Solaris system becomes more and more important. This paper mainly introduces GTK+ graphical package, Glade interface generator and Libglade library, and provides a method of developing Solaris GUI application by using C language and GTK+ library. The(More)
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