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Languages with rich morphology often introduce sparsity in language processing tasks. While morphological analyzers can reduce this sparsity by providing morpheme-level analyses for words, they will often introduce ambiguity by returning multiple analyses for the same surface form. The problem of disambiguating between these morphological parses is further(More)
—A novel indoor positioning system based on received signal strength (RSS) in wireless networks with high accuracy is presented in this paper. The three improvement mechanisms, called signal strength filter, user location filter and path tracking assistance, are employed to improve the positioning accuracy of the system. The comprehensive performance of the(More)
Metaphor is a common linguistic tool in communication, making its detection in discourse a crucial task for natural language understanding. One popular approach to this challenge is to capture semantic incohesion between a metaphor and the dominant topic of the surrounding text. While these methods are effective, they tend to overclassify target words as(More)
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