Qinkai Deng

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BACKGROUND Newer guidelines address the importance of effective chest compressions, citing evidence that this primary intervention is usually suboptimally performed during cardiopulmonary resuscitation. We therefore sought a readily available option for monitoring the effectiveness of chest compressions, specifically using the electrocardiogram. METHODS(More)
Zinc-finger protein 217 (ZNF217), which is overexpressed during cancer progression, can promote tumor cell immortalization. To examine the function of ZNF217, a global expression profile was carried out using Affymetrix Gene Chip analysis with HG-U133 plus 2.0 arrays in the ovarian cancer cell line HO-8910 after silencing of the ZNF217 gene. The results(More)
In this paper a new technique, Empirical Mode Decomposition(EMD), for use in non-stationary and non-linear data processing, was introduced. Some simulated signal, real ECG and RRI signals combined with Hilbert Transform method were analyzed. The authors also put emphasis on the differences between EMD and Wavelet Transform.
OBJECTIVE To assess mental fatigue by noninvasive monitoring of the physiological signals. METHODS The changes in the physiological parameters including the electrodermal activity, heart rate and heart rate variability were analyzed in 14 subjects performing the reaction-time tasks when fatigue and changes in the reaction time occurred. RESULTS The(More)
This paper is to research into a kind of portable automatic ambulatory system, which is used to monitor electrocardiograph (ECG) and respiration signals. And in the interest of meeting the requirements of continuously monitoring the patients, comprehensive consideration is given to the overall structure of the system (including the display mode and the(More)
This paper is aimed to study the feasibility of myocardial infarction risk assessment by noninvasive multivariable trend analysis, including heart rate variability (HRV), deceleration capacity (DC) of heart rate and pulse wave velocity (PWV). Thirty five patients with cardiovascular diseases (11 Myocardial infarction (MI), 8 coronary artery disease (CAD), 6(More)
This article describes a design of physiological signal storage format and transfer protocol for the tele-medical system between home and community. The protocol is based on ASCII character, with frames as its basic structure. There are two kinds of frames: control frames and data frames. Control frames can start and stop data transfer, confirm the order,(More)
According to the characteristics of anatomy and electrophysiology of vision, this paper describes the method of sampling along the visual path to obtain the integrated information of electrophysiology of vision. The developed system MET01 can detect and analyze EOG, ERG and VEP signals as a whole, and has a clinical value.
A novel blood pressure measurement system was designed which based on auscultatory method. And the electret sensor that embedded into the internal instrument can detect the Korotkoff-sound signal directly which is coupled by the cuff and transmitted in the cross connection. The BP values identification algorithm is based on combined detection of(More)
In view of the limitation of monitoring the trend of ST segment with the traditional method(ST level), we introduce a new monitor method based on KL transform. This method has overcome many disadvantages of ST level, e.g. the susceptibility to interference, a large variation of performance and the reflection of isolated characteristic. This method can(More)
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