Qinhai Zhang

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In addition to optimizing for long-path timing and routability, commercial FPGA routing engines must also optimize for various timing constraints, enabling users to fine tune their designs. These timing constraints involve both long- and short-path timing requirements. The intricacies of commercial FPGA architectures add difficulty to the problem of(More)
We present here the Controlling Value Boolean Matching based on fault analysis. The problem is to match a Boolean function with don't cares on library cells under arbitrary input permutations and/or input-output phase assignments. Most of the library cells can be represented by tree structure circuits. The approach presented here is suitable for these(More)
PURPOSE This article describes the details of the velopharyngeal ring ligation procedure (VPRL) and compares the results with those achieved with the von Langenbeck (VL) and pharyngeal flap procedures (PFP). PATIENTS AND METHODS A random sample of 52 patients was evaluated postoperatively by phonation tests, measurement of oral pressure, pharyngeal(More)
It is difficult to diagnose malignant chromaffinoma among the endocrine tumors. At present, using biochemical and histochemical methods, tumors with the estrogen or nonestrogen target organs have been proved to possess estradiol receptors. In this paper, binding of steroid to active chromaffinoma was observed using synthesized 4-amino-N-fluorescent(More)
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