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BACKGROUND The 1306 C>T, 1171 5A>6A, and 1562C>T polymorphisms of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) 2, MMP3, and MMP9 genes, respectively, have been found to be functional and may contribute to head and neck carcinogenesis. However, the results of case-control studies examining associations between MMP polymorphisms and head and neck cancer (HNC) risk remain(More)
UNLABELLED We present a bioinformatics database named Renal Gene Expression Database (RGED), which contains comprehensive gene expression data sets from renal disease research. The web-based interface of RGED allows users to query the gene expression profiles in various kidney-related samples, including renal cell lines, human kidney tissues and murine(More)
Inducing α-helicity through side-chain cross-linking is a strategy that has been pursued to improve peptide conformational rigidity and bio-availability. Here we describe the preparation of small peptides tethered to chiral sulfoxide-containing macrocyclic rings. Furthermore, a study of structure-activity relationships (SARs) disclosed properties with(More)
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