Qingzhong Li

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Software as a Service (SaaS) is thriving as a new mode of service delivery and operation with the development of network technology and the maturity of application software. SaaS application providers offer services for multiple tenants through the “single-instance multi-tenancy” model, which can effectively reduce service costs due to scale(More)
SaaS (Software as a Service) is becoming a popular research field for its feature of novel schema in software development. In this schema, service providers are in charge of constructing, managing and maintaining the necessary IT supporting infrastructure and the platform for operating services, while tenants take use of the customization functions to(More)
It is an important problem for pervasive computing to coordinate and compose large numbers of devices and services to achieve users' various task goals. The pervasive computing environment is transparent for users. In order to simplify the interaction between users and the environment, this paper presents a goal-driven approach of service composition. We(More)
In order to minimize the distortion of secret image, a novel steganographic method based on sign embedding and fuzzy theory is presented in this paper. By incorporating fuzzy theory with human visual system (HVS), a fuzzy classifier for DCT sub-blocks is first developed to realize the adaptive selection of the embedding strength. The new embedding scheme(More)
This paper introduces a new algorithm of mining association rules. The algorithm RP counts the itemsets with different sizes in the same pass of scanning over the database by dividing the database intom partitions. The total number of passes over the database is only (k+2m-2)/m, wherek is the longest size in the itemsets. It is much less thank.
Context-aware is one of the important fields in pervasive computing. To enhance the interactive capability of different applications and implement the sharing of context information in different applications, this paper describes the definition of context-onto, a extensible general ontology for context, introduces the process of ontology building using a(More)
With the rapid development of Web, there are more and more Web databases available for users to access. At the same time, searchers often have difficulties in first finding the right sources and then querying over them. It becomes imperative to provide an integrated search system over Web databases, and integrating query interfaces is the first and the most(More)
SaaS is a novel software model that data and applications of service are outsourced to service provider. Although SaaS model offers many benefits for small and medium enterprises, data privacy issue is the most challenge for the development of SaaS. In this paper we propose a new hybrid fragmentation approach which is different from traditional data(More)
Interference management in femtocell network is an important issue to achieve the network throughput gain as well as not degrading the throughput of the macrocell tier. In this paper we consider a MIMO femtocell network and propose an interference mitigation strategy using interference alignment (IA) to mitigate the interference at the macrocell users(More)