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SaaS (Software as a Service) is becoming a popular research field for its feature of novel schema in software development. In this schema, service providers are in charge of constructing, managing and maintaining the necessary IT supporting infrastructure and the platform for operating services, while tenants take use of the customization functions to(More)
Group desicion support system (GDSS) is an important part of CSCW. Data warehouse (DW) provides the supporting for OLAP and DSS. But most present DSS based on DW don't support well the cooperative decision among decision-makers. To give the enterprise group decision a better support, we put forward a new multi-data warehouse model (SEGDD-WM). This model(More)
It is an important problem for pervasive computing to coordinate and compose large numbers of devices and services to achieve users' various task goals. The pervasive computing environment is transparent for users. In order to simplify the interaction between users and the environment, this paper presents a goal-driven approach of service composition. We(More)
Software as a Service (SaaS) is thriving as a new mode of service delivery and operation with the development of network technology and the maturity of application software. SaaS application providers offer services for multiple tenants through the “single-instance multi-tenancy” model, which can effectively reduce service costs due to scale(More)
Ab initio calculations have been performed for the complexes H+-PyTX3NH3 and H+-furanTF3NH3 (T = C, Si, and Ge; X = F and Cl) with focus on geometries, energies, orbital interactions, and electron densities to study the influence of protonation on the strength of tetrel bonding. The primary interaction mode between α/β-furanCF3/p-PyCF3 and NH3 changes from(More)
In SaaS model, a single instance of a SaaS application can serve multiple tenants who have different specific business needs. In many cases a tenant demands to customize with a SaaS application out of more than one virtualized application and run multiple business applications simultaneously, and moreover these different business applications have many(More)
In order to minimize the distortion of secret image, a novel steganographic method based on sign embedding and fuzzy theory is presented in this paper. By incorporating fuzzy theory with human visual system (HVS), a fuzzy classifier for DCT sub-blocks is first developed to realize the adaptive selection of the embedding strength. The new embedding scheme(More)