Qingzhong Huang

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An all-silicon passive optical diode based on optical nonlinearity in cascaded photonic crystal (PhC) L3 cavities is proposed and demonstrated. A nonreciprocal transmission ratio (NTR) of 30.8 dB and insertion loss of 8.3 dB are realized in the device. The device has a relatively broad 17 dB operation bandwidth of 0.08 nm, and at least 16 dB of NTR is(More)
A silicon light emitter in telecom-band based on a single germanium quantum dot precisely embedded in a silicon photonic crystal nanocavity is fabricated by a scalable method. A sharp resonant luminescence peak is observed at 1498.8 nm, which is enhanced by more than three orders of magnitude. The Purcell factor for the fundamental resonant mode is(More)
We observe theoretically and experimentally electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT)-like effect in a single microdisk resonator (MDR) evanescently coupled with two bus waveguides. This structure is modeled using transfer matrix method, and it is revealed that the EIT-like spectrum originates from the coherent interference between two nearby low-order(More)
We experimentally demonstrate enhanced third harmonic generation (THG) using a silicon metasurface, which is consist of symmetric spindle-shape nanoparticle array. Relying on the trapped mode supported by the high quality factor all-dielectric metasurface, the conversion efficiency of THG is about 300 times larger than that of bulk silicon slab. The maximum(More)
We demonstrate four-wave mixing (FWM) in a 10-μm-radius silicon microring resonator with the assistance of giant nonlinearity of the monolayer graphene. A maximum enhancement of 6.8 dB of conversion efficiency in the silicon-graphene microring (SGM) resonator is observed. A nonlinear propagation model is established and the optical Kerr coefficient of the(More)
In this report, we propose and demonstrate an air-mode photonic crystal ring resonator (PhCRR) on silicon-on-insulator platform. Air mode is utilized to confine the optical field into photonic crystal (PhC) air holes, which is confirmed by the three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain simulation. PhCRR structure is employed to enhance the light-matter(More)
We theoretically investigate the coherent interaction between two orthogonal travelling-wave modes in a microdonut resonator symmetrically coupled to two bus waveguides. An analytical model has been developed to describe this structure using transfer matrix method. The simulation reveals that the two-mode microdonut can exhibit either a flat-top response or(More)
We have experimentally demonstrated a microdisk-resonator (MDR)-based filter for filtering and buffering applications utilizing two-mode interference. Optical filtering or buffering behavior can be generated by the coherent interference between two orthogonal whispering-gallery modes (WGMs) in a MDR symmetrically coupled to two bus waveguides. MDRs were(More)
A femtogram scale nanobeam optomechanical crystal (OMC) resonator operating in water is designed and demonstrated. After immersing the device in water, the mechanical Q-factor reduces to 6.6 from 2285 in air. The thermomechanical motion of the highly damped mechanical resonance in water can be resolved using the sensitive cavity optomechanical readout. The(More)