Qingzhi Chen

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The Amazon is one of the few continental regions where atmospheric aerosol particles and their effects on climate are not dominated by anthropogenic sources. During the wet season, the ambient conditions approach those of the pristine pre-industrial era. We show that the fine submicrometer particles accounting for most cloud condensation nuclei are(More)
Kernel dependency estimation (KDE) is a learning framework of finding the dependencies between two general classes of objects. Although it has been successfully used for many types of applications, its properties are not fully studied. In this paper, we discuss two practical issues with KDE. The first one is its real-value output for each label, which(More)
A series of metal modified nanoscale Ni-B amorphous alloys was prepared by chemical reduction and tested in the selective hydrogenation of cinnamic acid. A Co modified Ni-B amorphous alloy (Ni-Co-B) exhibited excellent catalytic performance in this reaction with both 100.0% conversion of cinnamic acid and 100.0% selectivity for hydrocinnamic acid under the(More)
We introduce a simple and inexpensive procedure for epitaxial lift-off of wafer-size flexible and transparent foils of single-crystal gold using silicon as a template. Lateral electrochemical undergrowth of a sacrificial SiO x layer was achieved by photoelectrochemically oxidizing silicon under light irradiation. A 28-nanometer-thick gold foil with a sheet(More)
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