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Described the operating principles of permanent magnet synchronous motor used in electric vehicles. Introduced weakening principle due to its mathematical models. Traditional control after decoupling often used PI controller, often influence of motor parameters, affecting the robustness of control system, especially operated at above the rated speed on flux(More)
The PMSG (permanent magnet synchronous generator) with the rated power of 2MW which is driven directly without gear system is designed by equivalent magnetic-circuit method. In order to study the characteristics of permanent magnet generator directly driven by wind turbine with the rated power of 2MW, comparative study of the performance both of no load and(More)
Based on the analysis of the mathematical model for permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), a novel direct torque control system based on space vector pulse width modulation technique(SVM-DTC) was proposed, of which the stator flux and torque were regulated by PI controllers to decouple motor space vector in the two components of stator flux and torque.(More)
A bearingless permanent magnetic synchronous motor (BPMSM) has combined the characteristics of a permanent magnetic synchronous motor and magnetic bearings. The rotor suspension force is closely related to the air gap magnetic field of the torque windings. So accurately getting the magnitude and phase of the air-gap magnetic field on the torque windings is(More)
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