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BACKGROUND Herbivore grazing is a multiple-component process that includes wounding, defoliation, and saliva deposition. Despite the extensive published research on mechanical wounding and defoliation, no analysis to identify the genes that specify defoliation and mechanical wounding has been performed. Moreover, the influence of the expression of these(More)
Xanthoceras sorbifolium, a tree species endemic to northern China, has high oil content in its seeds and is recognized as an important biodiesel crop. The plant is characterized by late-acting self-incompatibility (LSI). LSI was found to occur in many angiosperm species and plays an important role in reducing inbreeding and its harmful effects, as do(More)
Cluster, consisting of a group of computers, is to act as a whole system to provide users with computer resources. Each computer is a node of this cluster. Cluster computer refers to a system consisting of a complete set of computers connected to each other. With the rapid development of computer technology, cluster computing technique with high(More)
Many Poaceae species show a gametophytic self-incompatibility (GSI) system, which is controlled by at least two independent and multiallelic loci, S and Z. Until currently, the gene products for S and Z were unknown. Grass SI plant stigmas discriminate between pollen grains that land on its surface and support compatible pollen tube growth and penetration(More)
Attitudinal questions are widely applied in the statistical questionnaire surveys, but the reliability of answers, affected by the psychological tendency of informants, is in doubt for the existence of systematic psychological errors. In this case, control and experimental groups were built up in the work for the sake of investigation and analysis. As a(More)
Job scheduling strategy of rendering was studied according to the scheduling model of heterogeneous cluster rendering system. Then, the work proposed the job scheduling strategy for heterogeneous cluster rendering as follows: Definition of load balancing measurement, influencing factors of model, construction of job scheduling model based on cluster(More)
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