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The enol of 1-tetralone was generated flash photolytically, and rates of its ketonization were measured in aqueous HClO4 and NaOH solutions as well as in CH3CO2H, H2PO4(-), (CH2OH)3CNH3(+), and NH4(+) buffers. The enol of isochroman-4-one was also generated, by hydrolysis of its potassium salt and trimethylsilyl ether, and rates of its ketonization were(More)
An alkyne-azide addition, i.e., click, reaction in conjunction with an electrostatic self-assembly and covalent fixation (ESA-CF) process has been demonstrated to effectively construct a variety of unprecedented multicyclic polymer topologies. A series of single cyclic poly(tetrahydrofuran), poly(THF), precursors having an alkyne group (Ia), an azide group(More)
Carbon-acid ionization constants, Q(K)(a)(concentration quotient at ionic strength = 0.10 M), were determined by spectrophotometric titration in aqueous solution for benzo[b]-2,3-dihydrofuran-2-one (3, pQ(K)(a) = 11.87), benzo[b]-2,3-dihydrothiophene-2-one (2, pQ(K)(a) = 8.85), and benzo[b]-2,3-dihydrofuran-2-thione (1, pQ(K)(a) = 2.81). Rates of approach(More)
An external oxidant-free oxidative coupling for aromatic C-H thiolation by visible-light photoredox cobalt-catalysis has been developed. Various substrates could afford benzothiazoles in good to excellent yields, and only H2 is generated as a side product. When catalytic TBAOH was used as the base, not only 2-aryl but also 2-alkylbenzothiazoles could be(More)
The cis-enol of N-acetylamino-p-methylacetophenone was generated flash photolytically and its rates of ketonization in aqueous HClO(4) and NaOH solutions as well as in HCO(2)H, CH(3)CO(2)H, H(2)PO(4)(-), (CH(2)OH)(3)CNH(3)(+), and NH(4)(+) buffers were measured. Rates of enolization of N-acetylamino-p-methylacetophenone to the cis-enol were also measured by(More)
The experimental method is hard to predict and explain the received Lamb signal of plates due to its dispersive nature. The method to evaluate the depth and defects in plates is investigated theoretically using the finite element method(FEM) in this paper. At first, the theories of Lamb waves in a plate was introduced. Then, the commercial FEM software,(More)
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