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In this paper, the problem of adaptive synchronization is investigated for stochastic neural networks of neutral-type with Markovian switching parameters. Using the M-matrix approach and the stochastic analysis method, some sufficient conditions are obtained to ensure three kinds of adaptive synchronization for the stochastic neutral-type neural networks.(More)
In this paper, the adaptive lag synchronization control problem for uncertain chaotic neural networks with parameters perturbation is investigated. Both the discrete and distributed time-varying delays terms are considered to model a more realistic dynamical behavior of systems in practice. Based on the Lyapunov functional method and the adaptive feedback(More)
A new preamble design for MIMO-OFDM is proposed in this paper. Based on the Chu sequence, the proposed preamble can be used to achieve frequency offset estimation, fine time offset estimation, and optimal least-squares channel estimation. In addition, since the preamble has constant modulus, it has low peak-to-average power ratio. Furthermore, channel(More)