Qingyu Xiong

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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) consists of distributed low-cost sensing nodes with autonomous network. Several anomalies can occur in wireless sensor networks that may form various coverage holes. These holes may disturb the existing coverage or connectivity, and impair desired functionalities of networks. Hence, it is essential to detect and recovery(More)
While massive open online courses (MOOCs) have gained increasing popularity in recent years, dropout prediction has been an important task to solve due to the high rates of dropout students found in MOOCs. Current methods normally apply supervised learning methods to dropout prediction, using general features extracted from behavior records without the(More)
In financial forecasting system, because there exists a number of factors to effect economy developing, it is difficult to do effective forecasting by using traditional methods such as time series approach, regression analysis. In this paper, a nonlinear model based on RBF neural network is presented. There are some ameliorated measures in learning(More)
Saliency region detection plays an important role in image pre-processing, and uniformly emphasizing saliency region is still an intractable problem in computer vision. In this paper, we present a data-driven salient region detection method via multi-feature (included contrast, spatial relationship and background prior, etc.) on absorbing Markov chain,(More)
Recently, it is becoming increasingly difficult to implement effective systems for real-time network monitoring for large variety of applications including accounting, traffic identification and abnormal detection. The current solutions have to resort to custom capturing hardware that usually comes with high cost, and software-based capturing solutions,(More)
The accurate user click behavior identification is the precondition of web user behavior characters researching, but the growing complexity of web page makes it difficult to be identified. In this paper, a novel method to identify user click behavior is proposed and implemented. First, the sequence of user HTTP requests is described through hidden(More)
The aim of this paper is firstly to describe the design and implementation of a dual-closed loop control technology for microwave heating system. A fast feedback control strategy was proposed for the microwave power density control loop. Moreover, a bang-bang control strategy and a velocity form of PID algorithm were utilized for the sample temperature(More)
With the rapid development of e-business, personalized recommendation has become core competence for enterprises to gain profits and improve customer satisfaction. Although collaborative filtering is the most successful approach for building a recommender system, it suffers from "shilling" attacks. In recent years, the research on shilling attacks has been(More)
As increasing research effort has been made, pervasive computing is on the step closer to realization. Recent technologies have allowed smaller-scale computational devices with characteristics such as low-cost production, low energy consumption and wireless communication to capture and manage information. The technologies of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)(More)