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Increasing evidence shows that calpain-mediated proteolytic processing of a selective number of proteins plays an important role in neuronal apoptosis. Study of calpain-mediated cleavage events and related functions may contribute to a better understanding of neuronal apoptosis and neurodegenerative diseases. We, therefore, investigated the role of calpain(More)
According to the Central Dogma, genes in genome can be transcribed and translated into proteins to perform a variety of biological functions. Since proteins are the actual functional molecules in almost all physiological processes, discovering new proteins is essential to understand the nature of various biological phenomena. So far, the Human Ge-nome(More)
We are mainly concerned with some special kinds of semicontinuous domains and relationships between them. New concepts of strongly semicontinuous domains, meet semicontinuous domains and semi-FS domains are introduced. It is shown that a dcpo L is strongly semicontinuous if and only if L is semicontinuous and meet semicontinuous. It is proved that semi-FS(More)
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