Qingyou Yan

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Tannins have a number ofdetrimental biological effects and these include interference with normal growth and metabolism if they are present in the feed of various animals. Proline-rich proteins (PRPs) in saliva have been shown to provide protection against tannin, but little is known about the mechanism of protection and interaction of other salivary(More)
This paper studies the cost-reducing and quality-improving innovation incentives of a downstream durable-good monopoly. The monopolist's purpose is to maximize its profits under the assumption of an imperfect competitive upstream market. Then optimal licensing schemes for an outside quality-improving innovator are proposed. It is found that the monopolist(More)
This paper proposes the network data envelopment analysis (DEA) model accounting for negative externalities and applies it for decomposition of profit inefficiency in the biomass-agriculture circular system (Bio-AG system). A circular structure of the Bio-AG system which is different from the previously applied network structures is assumed. Since the(More)
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