Qingying Zhao

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Multi-robot cooperation is a critical technology for nanorobotics and nanomedicine. Because fluid velocity varies from position to position in blood fluid and nanorobots usually move passively and randomly with fluid to save their energy, it is very challenging for multiple nanorobots to cooperate in blood fluid. Considering these characteristics, this(More)
BACKGROUND In nanomachine applications towards targeted drug delivery, drug molecules released by nanomachines propagate and chemically react with tumor cells in aqueous environment. If the nanomachines release drug molecules faster than the tumor cells react, it will result in loss and waste of drug molecules. It is a potential issue associated with the(More)
An improved multi-objective artificial bee colony algorithm is designed in this paper reflecting the multi-objective characteristic of multi-robot path planning problems. Firstly, the foraging mechanism is optimized and a new method to calculate crowding distance is proposed. The restructuring and elimination mechanism of food sources are also presented.(More)
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