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Physical-layer network coding (PNC) is a promising approach for wireless networks. It allows nodes to transmit simultaneously. Due to the difficulties of scheduling simultaneous transmissions, existing works on PNC are based on simplified medium access control (MAC) protocols, which are not applicable to general multihop wireless networks, to the best of(More)
With the development of WDM techniques and cloud computing, incorporating the optical backbone into data centers has received extensive attention. Virtual network (VN) planning has been proposed for this new networking paradigm by taking advantage of network virtualization. VN planning is essentially a united virtualization of optical and server resources(More)
—The denoise-and-forward (DNF) method of physical-layer network coding (PNC) is a promising approach for wireless relaying networks. In this paper, we consider DNF-based PNC with M-ary quadrature amplitude modulation (M-QAM) and propose a mapping scheme that maps the superposed M-QAM signal to coded symbols. The mapping scheme supports both square and(More)