Qingyang Song

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Physical-layer network coding (PNC) is a promising approach for wireless networks. It allows nodes to transmit simultaneously. Due to the difficulties of scheduling simultaneous transmissions, existing works on PNC are based on simplified medium access control (MAC) protocols, which are not applicable to general multihop wireless networks, to the best of(More)
The denoise-and-forward (DNF) method of physicallayer network coding (PNC) is a promising approach for wireless relaying networks. In this paper, we consider DNF-based PNC with M -ary quadrature amplitude modulation (M -QAM) and propose a mapping scheme that maps the superposed M -QAM signal to coded symbols. The mapping scheme supports both square and(More)
In order to fully utilize spectrum resource in wireless mesh networks (WMNs), we propose a combination of some popular communication techniques, including link scheduling, spatial reuse, power and rate adaptation and network coding (NC), to activate as many transmission links as possible during one scheduling period, so that the total scheduling length can(More)
Link stability issues are significant for the route selection process in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). A link can be instable due to the random characteristics of the wireless channel, and/or the mobility of nodes. This paper considers instability due to mobility, and proposes a scheme to predict the link stability in mobile scenarios of MANETs. The(More)