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In recent years, p-adic numbers are widely used in theoretical and mathematical physics cf. 1–8 , such as string theory, statistical mechanics, turbulence theory, quantum mechanics, and so forth. For a prime number p, let Qp be the field of p-adic numbers. It is defined as the completion of the field of rational numbers Q with respect to the non-Archimedean(More)
In previous investigations, we have demonstrated the mutations in the signal peptide of porcine GH gene were associated with the body size. In this study, the fusion gene expression vectors which consisted of eight signal peptide mutants of GH gene and EGFP gene were constructed according to three missense mutations (p.Val9Ala, p.Gln22Arg and p.Asp25Gly),(More)
Luteinizing hormone beta polypeptide (LHB) gene has been considered important for sexual behavior and has associations with sperm quality. In this study, four SNPs (g.276 T>C, g.377A>C, g.401T>C, and g.412A>G) were detected in the LHB gene of 165 water buffaloes by direct sequencing and identification of overlap peaks, each of which was associated with at(More)
Insulin like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF-1R) is a candidate gene for growth and carcass traits in regulating animal growth, metabolism and endocrine. It is widely expressed in liver, muscle, bone tissues where the IGF-1R functions as a factor that promotes cell growth. In this study, the protein expression level of IGF-1R gene in liver and muscle tissues(More)
Growth hormone (GH) has been considered as a candidate gene for growth and body size in pigs. In this study, polymorphisms of the GH1 gene were evaluated for associations with body size traits in 190 pig individuals. Seventeen single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were identified in GH1 gene of the large pig breeds and miniature pig breeds using direct(More)
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