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SPEED P TC QVAPOR QCLOUD SPEED P TC QVAPOR QCLOUD (a) (b) (c) t = 12 t = 4 t = 8 t = 16 t = 20 (d) t = 0 Figure 1: The visualization results for Hurricane Isabel dataset. (a)(b)(c) show results at time step 0. (a) On the projection view, two groups of points are selected. Each point represents the pathline starting from a spatiotemporal point. (b) In the(More)
Figure 1: Use case of EnsembleGraph to indicate the influences of Eurasian continent emisions on the surface ozone concentration over eastern Asia. According to similar behaviors between ensemble members over space and time, the neighborhood is partitioned into three parts (left thumbnails in the first three rows): eastern China, southwestern China, and(More)
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