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— In this paper, we discuss for the first time the issue of supporting manycasting service over optical burst-switched (OBS) networks. One of the primary challenges in providing manycasting service over OBS networks is to reduce data loss due to burst contentions. We propose two new schemes, static over-provisioning (SOP) and dynamic membership (DM), to(More)
This paper investigates the subject of reliability via two link-disjoint paths in mesh networks. We address the issues of how reliable two-path protection can be and how to achieve the maximum reliability. This work differs from traditional studies, such as MIN-SUM, MIN-MAX, and MIN-MIN, in that the objective in this paper is to maximize the reliability of(More)
— In this paper, we focus on the problem of effectively supporting a large number of small group multicasts in optical burst switched (OBS) networks. We first propose a multicast scheme for small group multicast in OBS networks. To reduce burst loss due to potential burst contentions, a deflection routing scheme for multicast is proposed. We then develop an(More)