Qingxu Xiong

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— Vehicle-to-grid (V2G), involving both charging and discharging of battery vehicles (BVs), enhances the smart grid substantially to alleviate peaks in power consumption. In a V2G scenario, the communications between BVs and power grid may confront severe cyber security vulnerabilities. Traditionally, authentication mechanisms are solely designed for the(More)
—Along with radio frequency identification (RFID) becoming ubiquitous, security issues have attracted extensive attentions. Most studies focus on the single-reader and single-tag case to provide security protection, which leads to certain limitations for diverse applications. This paper proposes a grouping-proofs-based authentication protocol (GUPA) to(More)
Cloud computing is emerging as a prevalent data interactive paradigm to realize users' data remotely stored in an online cloud server. Cloud services provide great conveniences for the users to enjoy the on-demand cloud applications without considering the local infrastructure limitations. During the data accessing, different users may be in a collaborative(More)
—A novel miniaturized dual-band bandstop filter (DBBSF) is proposed by using the T-shaped defected microstrip structures (DMSs) and the U-shaped defected ground structures (DGSs) in this paper. The layout of the dual-band bandstop resonator (DBBSR) is presented at first. The dual stopbands of the DBBSR can be separately controlled since the mutual coupling(More)
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