Qingxu Dou

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In this paper we present a novel 3D surface and image reconstruction method based on the off-axis aperture camera. The key idea is to change the size or the 3D location of the aperture of the camera lens so as to extract selected portions of the light field of the scene. We show that this results in an imaging device that blends defocus and stereo(More)
We present a novel framework for multi-view stereo that poses the problem of recovering a 3D surface in the scene as a regularized minimal partition problem of the visibility function in the presence of clutter. We introduce a simple and robust method to integrate estimates from several views that tolerates both static and time-varying clutter. Our(More)
We address the problem of accurately locating buried utility segments by fusing data from multiple sensors using a novel Marching-Cross-Section (MCS) algorithm. Five types of sensors are used in this work: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Passive Magnetic Fields (PMF), Magnetic Gradiometer (MG), Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (LFEM) and Vibro-Acoustics(More)
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