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The clustering Algorithm is a kind of key technique used to reduce energy consumption. It can increase the scalability and lifetime of the network. Energy-efficient clustering protocols should be designed for the characteristic of heterogeneous wireless sensor networks. We propose and evaluate a new distributed energy-efficient clustering scheme for(More)
Covering-based rough sets provide an efficient theory to deal with covering data which widely exist in practical applications. Boolean matrix decomposition has been widely applied to data mining and machine learning. In this paper, three types of existing covering approximation operators are represented by boolean matrices, and then they are used to(More)
Reliability is one of the most important qualities of software, and failure analysis is an important part of the research of software reliability. Fractals are mathematical or natural objects that are made of parts similar to the whole in certain ways. A fractal has a self-similar structure that occurs at different scales. In this paper the failure data of(More)
Monte Carlo method has been widely used in many fields in the past few years. Currently, for mobile object localizing and tracking, Monte Carlo method has been practically proved a successful solution to solve these non-Gaussian, non-nonlinear and multi-dimensional systems. Recently, several Monte Carlo localization algorithms have been proposed for mobile(More)
In this study, we propose a new representation method for multidimensional color images, called an n-qubit normal arbitrary superposition state (NASS), where n qubits represent the colors and coordinates of 2 pixels (e.g., a three-dimensional color image of 1024 1024 1024 using only 30 qubits). Based on NASS, we present an (nþ 1)-qubit normal arbitrary(More)