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Chemical characteristics of rainwater in northeast China, a case study of Dalian
Abstract The samples of rainwater were collected at two urban sites and one rural site in Dalian from January to December 2007, and precipitation pH, conductivity, and main chemical components wereExpand
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Analysis of acid rain patterns in northeastern China using a decision tree method
Abstract Acid rain is a major regional-scale environmental problem in China. To control acid rain pollution and to protect the ecological environment, it is urgent to document acid rain patterns inExpand
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Thermoelectric performance of silicon nanowires
With finite element simulation and analytic modeling, the thermoelectric performance of silicon nanowires (SiNWs) is studied. Large cooling temperature is observed which increases remarkably asExpand
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Bumpless switching control for switched systems with partial actuator failures
This study is concerned with the bumpless transfer problem for switched systems with partial actuator failures, in order to obtain smooth system performance output transition. Expand
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A RSSI based localization algorithm for multiple mobile robots
This paper presents a optimization algorithm to improve the positioning accuracy of the nodes in wireless sensor networks, and introduces RSSI-based (Received Signal Strength Indicator) wirelessExpand
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Command switching based multiobjective safety protection control for inlet buzz of scramjet engine
This paper investigates the problem of inlet buzz safety protection for a class of scramjet engine. Expand
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Dynamic output feedback L ∞ control for network-based switched linear systems with performance dependent event-triggering strategies
This study investigates the dynamic output feedback L ∞ control for network-based switched linear systems subject to communication delay and quantisation. Expand
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Operation principle and design of a differential magnetic shape memory actuator
Magnetically controlled shape memory alloy (MSMA) exhibits large, reversible strains in the presence of a sufficiently high magnetic field, which provides a new way to produce motion and force. InExpand
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Thermo magneto mechanical model and simulation of vibration generator of magnetically controlled shape memory alloy
This paper deduced the vibration generator heat magnetics mathematical model with the characteristics of Magnetically Controlled Shape Memory Alloy (MSMA), such as large deformation rate, easy to control, large output of reversible effects of induced voltage. Expand
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Role of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Susceptibility Weighted Imaging in Cerebral Alveolar Echinococcosis
Background: To analyze the characteristic performance of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) and susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI) in cerebral alveolar echinococcosis (CAE). Methods: WeExpand
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