Qingxiao Shan

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Cylindrical re-entrant cavities are unique three-dimensional structures that resonate with their electric and magnetic fields in separate parts of the cavity. To further understand these devices, we undertake rigorous analysis of the properties of the resonance using "in-house" developed Finite Element Method (FEM) software capable of dealing with small gap(More)
Dielectric resonators are key elements in many applications in micro to millimeter wave circuits, including ultra-narrow band filters and frequency-determining components for precision frequency synthesis. Distributed-layered and bulk low-loss crystalline and polycrystalline dielectric structures have become very important for building these devices. Proper(More)
The laser time synchronization is one of the developing field of future intersatellite time synchronization. This paper studied the GEO intersatellite laser time synchronization method of Compass I and gave two modes of GEO intersatellite laser time synchronization. According to the GEO satellite parameters of Compass I and in the condition of a given(More)
Currently, many distributed systems such as 3G mobile communications and power systems are time synchronized with a Global Positioning System (GPS) signal. If there is a GPS failure, it is difficult to realize redundant timing, and thus time-synchronized devices may fail. In this work, we develop time transfer by simulating GPS signals, which promises no(More)
Analysis of the properties of resonant modes in a reentrant cavity structure comprising of a post and a ring was undertaken and verified experimentally. In particular we show the existence of higher order reentrant cavity modes in such a structure. Results show that the new cavity has two re-entrant modes, one of which has a better displacement sensitivity(More)
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