Qingxiang Jiang

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On monolithic Ni-Nb metallic glass films, we experimentally revealed 6.6% elastic strain limit by in-situ transmission electron microscopy observations. The origin of high elastic strain limit may link with high free volume in the film, causing the rearrangement of loosely bonded atomic clusters (or atoms) upon elastic deformation. This high elastic limit(More)
With the development of global changes, researchers from all over the world attach attention to land use changes increasingly, and large scale land use changes which have resulted from urban expansion catch people's eyes. In this paper, urban expansion and their spatial and temporal variability of the Beijing city has been studied over a period of 21 years(More)
1 The evolution changes in T 2 (top row) and FA (middle row) maps after sildenafil treatment and corresponding Bielshowsky Silver and Luxol fast blue stained coronal section (A, B) from the same rat. The left image in B is a higher magnified image from the box area in panel A and the corresponding contralateral area (right image in B). Fig. 2 Panels A, B,(More)
By using a combination of state-of-the-art experimental and computational methods, the high glass forming ability ͑GFA͒ of Cu 46 Zr 46 Al 8 alloy is studied from the view of its atomic packing. Three-dimensional atomic configuration is well established. It is found that Al atoms almost homogeneously distribute around Cu and Zr atoms without segregation,(More)
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