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Brachytherapy is an important radio-therapeutic modality for a variety of malignancies, including prostate cancer, cervix cancer, breast cancer, vagina cancer, endometrium cancer, head and neck cancer, and many more. This technique has been shown to be an effective and safe non-pharmaceutical treatment with fewer serious complications and better outcome(More)
One of the major obstacles hindering the progress of studies on mammalian cochlear physiology is the inaccessibility of inner ear cells located in a complex structure of the bony labyrinth. We describe here a technique to record cellular fluorescent signals from any identified inner ear cells in cochlear slices and hemicochleae. Cochlear slices were(More)
Due to the electrically small antenna of wireless sensor in automotive tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), wireless transmission efficiency of TPMS is low. To increase the wireless transmission efficiency of TPMS system, a wheel antenna is proposed in this paper. The wheel antenna consists of a valve and a wheel. The three-dimensional electromagnetic(More)
Classical intrusion detection system tends to identify attacks by using a set of rules known as signatures defined before the attack, this kind of detection is known as misuse intrusion detection. But reality is not always quantifiable, and this drives us to a new intrusion detection technique known as anomaly intrusion detection, due to the difficulties of(More)
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is used to detect when one or more of the vehicle's tires is 25 percent or more below the manufacturer's recommended inflation pressure. A TPMS system consists of four wireless sensors, a high frequency (HF) antenna and a central receiver. In this paper, a high accuracy sensor incorporated with a sensor signal(More)
—In order to quantitatively interpret topographic effect on Chang'E (CE) microwave data, a detailed method to compute brightness temperature (TB) over a lunar crater is proposed , which incorporated the effect of surface tilts. The method improves the effective solar irradiance model of the lunar surface to obtain the temperature profile of the lunar(More)
Giant cell tumors (GCTs) mainly occur in metaph-yses of long bones and are generally considered histologically benign; however, GCTs may be locally aggressive with a high rate of local recurrence and exhibit the potential for distant metastasis. Primary GCT of the clivus is extremely rare and is easily misdiagnosed and, thus, treatment remains(More)