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For when the Sylvester matrix equation has a unique solution, this work provides a closed form solution, which is expressed as a polynomial of known matrices. In the case of non-uniqueness, the solution set of the Sylvester matrix equation is a subset of that of a deduced equation, which is a system of linear algebraic equations. c © 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All(More)
To obtain the fairing surface model of the loss part of detective skull rapidly, a new modeling method on skull defect repair is proposed in this paper. This method is to adopt the surface reconstruction algorithm to construct the local model of defective skull based on the sub-pixel cube model. The hole’s feature on the surface is automatically(More)
The structure of a tissue engineering scaffold plays an important role in modulating tissue growth. A novel gelatin-chitosan (Gel-Cs) scaffold with a unique structure produced by three-dimensional printing (3DP) technology combining with vacuum freeze-drying has been developed for tissue-engineering applications. The scaffold composed of overall(More)
The vacuum casting process, which has strong ability to produce thin wall and transparent parts, is time variable, nonlinear and strong-coupled. In order to control the vacuum casting process effectively, the intelligent decoupling control scheme that uses artificial neural networks (ANNs) embedded within internal model control (IMC) structure is employed.(More)
This paper considers the stabilization of planar switched linear control systems. First, a structure property of not completely controllable pair (A, b) is revealed. Based on it, a simply verifiable, necessary and sufficient condition for the planar switched linear control system to be feedback stabilizable, is presented under the assumption that the(More)
Electrospinning permits fabrication of biodegradable matrices that can resemble the both scale and mechanical behavior of the native extracellular matrix. However, achieving high-cellular density and infiltration of cells within matrices with traditional technique remain challenging and time consuming. The cell electrospinning technique presented in this(More)
Because web service function is continually strengthened, and web service quantity increases rapidly, it is urgent to solve the problem on automatic service matching and composition to meet service request. The service matching algorithm for bionic manufacturing domain-specific ontology is proposed in the paper. For this algorithm, the semantic similarity(More)
In this paper, we propose an expert system which is based on Knowledge Engineering named DDES - Dental Diagnostic Expert System. Besides, a hybrid knowledge acquisition strategy is proposed to efficiently elicit the knowledge from experienced dentists and construct the medical ontology. The system fulfills the storage of dental photos and X-ray images,(More)