Qingwen Zhang

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Tumour-associated macrophages (TAMs) are a set of macrophages residing in the tumour microenvironment. They play essential roles in mediating tumour angiogenesis, metastasis and immune evasion. Delivery of therapeutic agents to eliminate TAMs can be a promising strategy for cancer immunotherapy but an efficient vehicle to target these cells is still in(More)
Two putative odorant-binding proteins (OBPs) and one putative chemosensory protein (CSP) from females of the ant-like bethylid wasp, Scleroderma guani Xiao et Wu (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae), were identified and cloned. The putative OBPs and CSP were identified by nondenaturing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (native-PAGE). 3′ rapid amplification of cDNA(More)
F1 antigen is an attractive candidate for the development of a subunit vaccine against plague. In previous study, the extraction of this antigen from Yersinia pestis is characterized by using organic solvents. In this work, a new purification strategy that produced high-purity F1 antigen from Y. pestis EV76 was developed by the substitution of physical(More)
In this study, a new subunit vaccine that comprised native F1 and recombinant rV270 was evaluated for protective efficacy using mouse, guinea pig and rabbit models in comparison with the live attenuated vaccine EV76. Complete protection against challenging with 10(6) colony-forming units (CFU) of virulent Yersinia pestis strain 141 was observed for mice(More)
Long-term protection and antibody response for the subunit vaccine F1-rV270 were determined by using the mouse model. Antibodies to F1 and rV270 were still detectable over a period of 518 days. The complete protection against lethal challenge of Yersinia pestis could be achieved up to day 518 after primary immunization.
Six volatile compounds, curdione (1), curcumol (2), germacrone (3), curzerene (4), 1,8-cineole (5) and beta-elemene (6), were successfully isolated from the essential oil of Curcuma wenyujin by high-performance centrifugal partition chromatography using a nonaqueous two-phase solvent system consisting of petroleum ether-acetonitrile-acetone (4:3:1 v/v/v). A(More)
Curcuma phaeocaulis Valeton is a commonly prescribed Chinese medical herb for tumor therapy. In this study, an extract of Curcuma phaeocaulis Valeton referred as Cpv was prepared and its anti-tumor effect was evaluated with MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 cells. Curcuma phaeocaulis Valeton power was extracted with ethanol and the main components of the extract (Cpv)(More)
Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) biotype B, called a “superbug”, is one of the most harmful biotypes of this species complex worldwide. In this report, the invasive mechanism and management of B. tabaci biotype B, based on our 5-year studies, are presented. Six B. tabaci biotypes, B, Q, ZHJ1, ZHJ2, ZHJ3 and FJ1, have been identified in China. Biotype B dominates(More)